Algebra Consulting
Your gateway to ethnic consumer markets


Specialists in serving the growing Muslim market sectors, with strategic and creative, bespoke solutions.

Our wide-range of client experience

Our wide-range of client experience

We are a boutique Consulting firm, comprising of creative and consultant professionals, with a wealth of experience serving clients of diverse backgrounds in particular those in the Muslim cultural economic sectors in addition to mainstream organisations serving the Muslim communities.

We are able to assist with integrating brands across leading sectors of the market (eg. emerging Muslim sector), connecting to end users via bespoke strategic solutions.

We can help create, incubate and maximise value chains within the SME market, to maximise potential and outreach.

Our In-house Diaspora commercial acumen and business intelligence, which when leveraged, tackles emerging market trends and creates access to diverse clientèle.

Our strategic partnerships will provide you with a gateway to the Muslim economy, ideal platforms for SME's both locally in the United Kingdom and globally.

Contact us today for short initial consultation. Our services include Strategic, Creative and Event consulting - in addition to a wider range of bespoke solutions.


Providing solutions and direction for a range of organisations from Public and Private sector SMEs and community organisations

Providing creative solutions and expertise in serving Muslim markets, for both new and established companies.

World class event planing and managenent, specialising in both business and cultural events hosted at iconic venues.



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