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WDF declaration





Thank you for being part of what’s set to be a great day.  Below are some notes that MUST BE READ before coming onto site 

Trading Hours 

12.00 Midday – 9pm 

Please note that event timings have been advertised from 3pm – 8pm which is when most of the crowd will be present.  First 2-3 hours will have a natural Sunday shopping footfall. 

Unloading Notes 

10mins before your arrival please call 07946 577993

  • You will be allocated a time to arrive between 8.30am and 10.30am 10th Nov

  • You will have 15 mins to offload all equipment and stock. 

  • Parking for your vehicle has been allocated after unloading and you will be shown directions when onsite 

  • You must wear High Vis Vests during set up 

You will be able to drive your vehicle directly onto site and next to your stall but you only have 15mins to offload.


Please use google maps link below to get exact drop off point 


Health and Safety 

All Exhibitors must have the following. Failure to do so may result in not being able to trade

  • RAMS 

  • Copy of their ELI & PLI

  • Gas/PAT certs as applicable (All LPG should be caged)

  • Signed Caterers Briefing Note and Safe Working Agreement

  • Allergens Signs / FH certificates/ FS qualifications.

  • Please bring your own lighting for inside the tent as it’s an evening event 


Confirmation of allergens MUST be displayed clearly on each stall 

Water and Waste 

  • All Water and waste must be taken away with you. 

  • Please note there is NO DRAINAGE or Water Supply available on site.

  • Please make provisions for water and waste to be taken away with you.

Further information about the event 

Access on to Site

  • Contractors must advise company name, location of Set up, vehicle registrations and power requirements prior to access being granted. 

  • All vehicles must be off site once derigged and return only when it is safe to do so particularly in areas where there is heavy pedestrian footfall. 

  • Park security is in operation on a 24/7 basis however all contractors are responsible for their own possessions whilst on site. 

  • When trading on Olympic Way there will be a 15min window to access the site via the Fulton Road bollards. There is no access outside of this time

Set up & Presentation 

  • All contractors must provide presentable clean units (internal & external) 

  • Set up and Queues of units must not impede crowd flows or block footways/paths

  • Any special power requirements must be discussed in advance with Wembley Park 

  • Access to pop up power units can only be provided by Wembley Park security or representatives.  

  • All cables must be protected with adequate matting, cable guard or barriers 

  • All units must use mats to protect the Wembley park surface 

  • Any Signage used by the contractor must be in good condition, clear with adequate support in case of any adverse weather conditions. 

  • The contractor is responsible for their own refuse and waste. Anything left on Wembley Park it will be correctly disposed and recharged back to the contractor. 

  • No Liquids/waste can be disposed of in Wembley park drainage at anytime, offenders will be recharged clearance costs.

  • Any Vehicle or Oil spill will be recharged directly to the contractor, as it is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure all equipment is fit for purpose prior to visiting site.  

  • The BOH paved surface on Olympic Way must be completely protected by rubber matting for each trader. 

  • The paved surface on Olympic Way in front of each trader should also be protected by rubber matting.

Leaving Site

  • Once ready to leave site please call the control room advising company name and location of Set up. 

  • Security will be deployed to unlock and provide access to leave site. 

  • No contractor is permitted to remove or unlock any areas on Wembley Park.  

Safe Working Agreement

Suppliers of goods, equipment and/or services which involve installation, maintenance or other work by the Supplier, their Representatives or Agents for Quintain shall ensure that:

  • The Contractor Briefing note has been read understood and will be complied with at all times by all employees of the respective contractor, trader or supplier.

  • All persons employed by the supplier are competent for the work to be carried out.

  • All equipment, tools and systems of work are safe, maintained and tested as required.

  • No Health & Safety risks are created which could adversely affect Quintain, Contractors or other employees or anyone else who might be affected by the contractor, trader or supplier’s actions.

  • No Health & Safety risks are created with regard to the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and substances.

  • The Duty Manager is to be informed of any hazardous operations or substances, the appropriate controls to be applied by the Supplier and provided with all appropriate safety information, data sheets, risk assessments and method statements.

  • All works are adequately supervised by the respective contractor, trader or supplier to ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of all persons who may be affected by the work.

  • All contractors, traders or suppliers must enter the premises via the agreed entrance, sign-in or be issued with a pass that they must wear at all times when on site.

Please complete and sign below to confirm you have read and understood the above Wembley Diwali Fireworks 2019 Caterer’s Brief.